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"Katie is the difference from all other times I've tried to make transformational changes to my health. With her by my side, I've been able to take greater leaps than ever before. I have never felt better both physically and mentally. She's had a profound impact on my life, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. My biggest tangible change since working with Katie has been losing 55 lbs. and reducing my waist from 48" to 40"! The most significant and surprising change is how reaching my goals has cleared space in my mind to allow for greater personal growth. I would describe Katie as a force of nature, who is totally committed to her clients' well-being, with an amazing ability to translate their fears, challenges and apprehensions into actionable steps that are easy to follow and stick to with her continued guidance. I would and have recommended Katie to friends and colleagues who are ready to make positive changes in their lives and change their relationship with food." 

- Aaron G.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.25.32
Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.25.32

"Katie has been absolutely amazing. She is a fountain of information. She understands not only the science behind food and how it effects our bodies, she also understands the emotional impact of food and our relationship with it.  Katie never forced an idea on me, or a rule on me.  She would explain how something could or could not impact me physically or emotionally and then she would honor and support my decisions, giving me guidance that would help keep me on track or new perspective into why something was or wasn't working. Katie was always cheerful and supportive through all my ups and downs giving encouragement and wisdom as needed. The most tangible change I noticed was that most of the pain I was having started decreasing in the first two weeks of eating more healthy, whole foods.  Within a month the pain was completely gone in my elbows and shoulders. My mood has been great! I just feel happy happy happy! I feel so blessed, so comfortable in my body and comfortable with who I am. My sleep is so much better!  I have more energy and zest for life.  If I start feeling sluggish or have an off day all I need to do is look at what I've been eating and I can see why I'm not feeling as good as I usually do.  It is so empowering to know that I am in control of how good I can feel! Thank you thank you thank you, Katie! And yes, I did loose 10 pounds but the inches that came off were really amazing, I am much slimmer now even though the weight didn't change drastically.  And the inches continue to come off even as my weight holds steady. Yay!!"

- Nancy D.

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"Katie was such a joy and blessing to work with. Katie and I did our sessions by phone, she lives across the country from me. Every session felt like I was sitting down with a best friend who was giving me wise and friendly advice. Anxiety or guilt is never part of the equation with Katie.  Rather there are many "ah hah!" moments and "Well, no wonder that didn't work for me!" moments. And, "Oh, that makes so much sense! I get it now!" moments. Plus lots and lots of both small and large victories that Katie shares with you. It was really fun going through this journey with Katie."

Laura F. 

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“Working with Katie has transformed so many areas of my life. She listens attentively and lets me talk through my struggles when I need it, and gives me a gentle nudge when that's right, too. She not only has helped me with my nutrition, but has coached me through relationship and career ups and downs, encouraged me to start practicing yoga and take fitness classes, and has inspired me to dig deeper into my spiritual practice. Katie is an intrinsically happy person. Her inner brightness touches everyone she meets and is such a gift for those of us who have the pleasure of knowing her and being in her life.

- Kristy D.

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“The most significant overall change I have noticed from Katie’s coaching program is how grounded I feel throughout the week when I’ve food prepped. It takes so much decision making and uncertainty out of my week that allows me to have mental space for other things. The biggest tangible change I have noticed has been discovering which foods I like to eat. In the past, I would buy groceries that would eventually just rot in my refrigerator, or I would cook and be disgusted by the food I made and not want to eat it. Turns out I didn’t actually like most of those ingredients I was cooking with and made them because it was all I knew or it was what friends suggested. Food and cooking is not intuitive to me. When I went food shopping before our cooking session, I bought vegetables that I had never bought before and was able to discover what I really enjoy eating. I would recommend Katie to anyone that is looking for a lifestyle change with an understanding that these things take time, but Katie can help to kick-start or accelerate growth in a holistic manner.”

- Mona L.

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“I would recommend Katie to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their relationship with food. Katie understands how much emotion plays into our diet and also how hard habits are to break. She understands the physiological responses food triggers in our bodies and how to break cravings and addictions we have in our diet.  Whether you want to eat healthier, understand the science of food better or if you want to loose weight, I would highly recommend Katie to coach you.

- Mary R.

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